Brightfield Whole Slide Imaging


Aperio VERSA


The Aperio AT2, Aperio Versa 200, and Leica SCN400 Slide Scanner are the perfect solutions for the high-resolution imaging of whole slides in bright field mode. These high-capacity robotic autoloading scanners are capable of handling 200-384 slides per run. They are ideal for large slide cohorts and tissue microarrays as well as providing a low-cost, high-resolution method to digitally archive histological slides in a range of magnifications. The DHSR also hosts a convenient, web-based digital slide-viewing environment called the Digital Slide Archvie (DSA) for research slides and Aperio's eSlideManager for clinical slides. These easy to use digital slide boxes allow researchers and clinicians to rapidly retrieve, review and annotate their scanned material in a digitally secure environment from any web browser as well as download original scan files (research only). The use of secure VUMC ID or VUNET ID allows for access from anywhere, both at VUMC or home. 

20X Brightfield Scanning: $13.00 / slide40X Brightfield Scanning: $19.00 / slideHigh-Volume Scanning: $11.00 / slide

*Prices reflect VUMC in-house values. External customers will have a surcharge.

Actual Pixel Scales

 Aperio AT2 or
Leica SCN400
Bright Field

Aperio Versa 200
Bright Field

Aperio Versa 200

5X :2 µm/pixel  1.10 µm/pixel    1.30 µm/pixel
10X :1 µm/pixel0.547 µm/pixel 0.648 µm/pixel
20X :0.5 µm/pixel 0.273 µm/pixel0.325 µm/pixel
40X : 0.25 µm/pixel 0.136 µm/pixel  0.162 µm/pixel

Shipping Address
Digital Histology Shared Resource
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
10425-C MRB IV
2213 Garland Ave.
Nashville, TN  37232-0443