Hakmook Kang

Associate Professor of Biostatistics
Director, IDDRC Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Core
Vanderbilt Kennedy Center
Associate Director for Graduate Studies
Data Science institute
Office Address
2525 West End Avenue, Suite 1100
Room / Suite
Room 11117
(615) 343-1906

PhD, Biostatistics, Brown University

Research interests include: spatio-temporal modeling; multiple testing problems and their applications to imaging data; multi-modal imaging data analysis (e.g., fMRI and DTI)

Honors include: Jacek Hawiger Award for Excellence in Teaching Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows in the Classroom, Lecture, or Small Group Setting (2022); election to the Academy for Excellence in Education (2022); Golden Apple Awards for Excellence in Teaching (2020 and 2016); Vanderbilt Center for Quantitative Sciences High Impact Research Award (2016)

More information: biostat.app.vumc.org/HakmookKang