Elisa Yazdani

Office Address
2525 West End Avenue
Room / Suite
Suite 1100

MS, Biostatistics, Vanderbilt University 

Research interests include: pharmacokinetics, electrophysiology, cognitive disorders, clinical trials

Thesis: A Pipeline for High-Throughput Drug Screening

Thesis advisor: Amir Asiaee

Additional projects:

  • Harnessing Big Data to Arrest the HIV/HCV/Opioid Syndemic in the Rural and Urban South (Peter Rebeiro, supervisor; 2023–present)
  • Developing Sigmoid Models for Alzheimer's Disease Progression (Dandan Liu, supervisor; 2022)

Honors include the Commodore Award in Biostatistics, 2023, "for enriching the department and graduate program through ingenuity, dedication, and altruism."

Activities include: Biostatistics Graduate Student Association first-year liaison, 2022–2023; treasurer, 2023–2024

Over the course of three internships – one at Vanderbilt and two at Duke – Yazdani worked on a variety of projects, studying neurodevelopment in animals, cognitive diseases, electrophysiology, and the impacts of drugs. “Paternal THC Exposure in Rats Causes Long-Lasting Neurobehavioral Effects in the Offspring,” a paper on one of her projects at Duke, was published in the Neurotoxicology & Teratology Journal.