2023 Summer Intern Cohort

The Vanderbilt Biostatistics Summer Internship for Underrepresented Undergraduates program is directed by Leena Choi

2023 planning and selection committee members: Amir Asiaee, Cole Beck, Mario Davidson, Jonathan Schildcrout, Bryan Shepherd, Andrew Spieker, Simon Vandekar, Shilin Zhao

Faculty sponsors: Lynne Berry, Tatsuki Koyama, Dandan Liu, Fei Ye

Statistics and computing instructors: Cole Beck, Andrew Spieker, Simon Vandekar, Shilin Zhao

Professional training: Mario Davidson, Josh DeClercq, Peg Duthie, Robert Greevy

Special lectures: Benjamin French, Simon Vandekar, Yu Shyr

Lunch meetings: Caroline Birdrow, Leena Choi, Jennifer Clark, Mario Davidson, Amber Hackstadt, Frank Harrell, Tatsuki Koyama, Cara Lwin, Jonathan Schildcrout, Bryan Shepherd, Simon Vandekar, current MS/PhD students

Administrative support: Janey Wang, Cierra Streeter, Chazlie Miller, Peg Duthie

The interns delivered their final presentations on Friday, June 16. See their individual profiles for more about their projects, including their mentors and collaborators.

View the 2023 training schedule.

  • Youssef Botros

    2023 Intern

    College: Middle Tennessee State University

    Mentor: Amir Asiaee

    Project: Exploring Gene Regulation Using Gene Perturbation Data

    PhD student Lisa Levoir asks intern Youssef Botros about his study

    Youssef Botros and Amir Asiaee in front of their poster


  • Tracy Brown

    2023 Intern

    College: Howard University

    Mentor: Siyuan Ma

    Project: Prenatal and Perinatal Risk Factors for Early-Life Wheezing

    Tracy Brown speaking about the INSPIRE Cohort to presentation attendees

    Tracy Brown and Siyuan Ma in front of poster

  • Karly Miller

    2023 Intern

    College: Tennessee State University

    Mentor: Dandan Liu, with Tianyi Sun and Cathy Jenkins

    Project: Identifying the Challenges in EHR Implementation of STRATIFY Risk Prediction Tool at Emergency Departments 

    Karly Miller pointing to a key adjustment in her study


    Karly Miller and her mom in front of her poster


  • College: Talladega College

    Mentor: Bryan Shepherd, with Gustavo Amorim

    Project: Assessing the Association between TB Testing and Treatment Outcomes in a Multinational HIV/TB Co-infection Cohort

    Terrence Smith elaborates on data analyzed for his study

    Terrence Smith standing with his poster