VBDCC intake prompts

When initiating discussion with the VBDCC about a project, providing the following details (where applicable) will help us determine how we can best support your work:

  • The project's principal investigator(s) or lead(s)
  • Administrative contact information, if different
  • Project full name, short name, and description
  • Project home department/institution
  • Additional institution(s) supporting and/or hosting the project
  • Source(s), status, and dates of project funding
  • Current phase/status (e.g., pre-award, post-award, active, enrollment ended)
  • Key dates and milestones
  • Prior experience with VBDCC or other data coordinating centers
  • Are you contacting the VBDCC for a general consultation or specific services/tools?


  • What services/tools are you interested in requesting from the VBDCC?
    • Protocol development
    • Study design
    • Statistical analysis plan
    • VUMC cores services coordination
    • Data management and sharing plan
    • Institutional review board (IRB) submission facilitation
    • REDCap database and interface builds
    • Site training
    • Participant management and regulatory database construction
    • Biospecimen/lab collaboration
    • Data quality control and monitoring
    • Real-time enrollment reporting
    • Automation systems design
    • Study website and portal builds
    • Coordination with external sites
    • Setting and managing timelines
    • Oversight reporting (DSMB, OSMB, etc.)
    • Harmonization of data from multiple disparate sources
    • Manuscript preparation
    • Data sharing (including to publicly available databases)
    • Contract creation
    • Invoicing and payment tracking
    • Budget amendments
    • Other (please describe)


Please feel free to add information and/or documents to help us maximize our understanding of your project prior to meeting with you. 

To initiate discussion of a funded project or grant proposal, please complete our initial intake form

If funding will not be available for your project, you may pursue biostatistical assistance through attending one of our clinics or obtaining a VICTR voucher (visit the Biostatistics Clinics page for details). See our Introduction to Biostatistics Resources guide for additional options.

For other inquiries, please email vbdcc[at]vumc[dot]org. We look forward to learning how we can support your research.