SMI 2022 - ciftiTools: A package for reading, writing, visualizing, and manipulating CIFTI files in R

Wednesday, May 25, 2022 • 2:00–4:00 pm (CT) • Light Hall, Room 202

Instructors: Damon Pham and Amanda Mejia, Indiana University

The CIFTI file format introduced by the Human Connectome Project has become a standard representation of “grayordinates” data, but few comprehensive programmatic tools for working with CIFTI files have previously been available. To help make grayordinates- and surface-based analysis more accessible, we recently developed the ciftiTools R package, a user-friendly suite of tools for reading, writing, visualizing, and manipulating CIFTI files and GIFTI files. In this interactive mini-course, we will install the ciftiTools package and use it to walk through an example analysis. Along the way, we’ll familiarize ourselves with its most commonly used functions, learn how to build upon its existing functionality, and explore tools from other R packages which implement CIFTI-based analyses with the help of ciftiTools. The mini-course will conclude with an open Q&A. Please bring a computer with R and RStudio installed.

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