The Future

Life with POTS is full of uncertainty and because of this, thinking about the future can be anxiety provoking. I don’t like to dwell on this stuff often because I find it to be counter-productive, but my mind still goes there occasionally. For example, when I see a show about weddings on TV, my mind often drifts to the unpleasant thought, “will I pass out during my own wedding?” accompanied by an imagined scene of me swooning in a white dress at the alter. I also wonder about pregnancy and raising children. Will my body be able to tolerate the changes in lifestyle associated with these life events? I will allow myself a few minutes to think about these things, but force myself to snap out of it. I do this by telling myself that I am lucky to be doing as well as I am and to even be able to think about the future is a luxury I certainly didn’t think I had 3 years ago. The truth of the matter is this: Who cares if I have to get married in a chair? I don’t and neither do any of the people who have been by my side through my journey with POTS.