What are Viruses?

The first virus to be discovered was Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV). TMV was discovered in 1882 by Adolf Mayer and its structure was characterized by Rosalind Franklin (WOW!) in 1955. 1

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Viruses in action!

Make a virus dartboard with Justin to see how antibodies and vaccines can save the day!

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The exploding lifecycle of bacterial viruses!

Brittany explains how viruses infect bacteria!




Virus Symmetry!

Learn about virus symmetry and build our own model with Katie!

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Soap vs. Viruses

Watch Nora and Dudley show you what happens in the battle between soap and viruses!



Let's create a virus!

Follow along with Kelsey to see how you can use playdough and pasta to make your own virus.

Fun Facts about Viruses!



What's the Flu vaccine?

Do you know why doctors want you to get the flu vaccine?
Kathy explains why!



Research is important! Check out the source:

1. Lecoq H. Découverte du premier virus, le virus de la mosaïque du tabac: 1892 ou 1898? [Discovery of the first virus, the tobacco mosaic virus: 1892 or 1898?]. C R Acad Sci III. 2001 Oct;324(10):929-33. French. doi: 10.1016/s0764-4469(01)01368-3. PMID: 11570281.


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