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Production Processes for Creating Educational Videos

Stephanie Castillo, Karisa Calvitti, Jeffery Shoup, Madison Rice, Helen Lubbock, and Kendra H. Oliver CBE—Life Sciences Education 2021 20:2

Asynchronous video-based educational resources allow for increased course material engagement. In today’s climate, educators are encouraged to create videos for online instruction but are typically given limited production guidance. Few formal resources exist to guide educators for high-quality video production in a non-studio setting. This article is a how-to guide for producing videos using widely available primary resources through three steps: preproduction, production, and postproduction. During preproduction, educators consider style and project scope, including the “what, how, and why” of the content. For production, we have provided information on the set, light, sounds, and video equipment needed for optimizing video production in a non-studio setting. Finally, during postproduction, the educator considers how to combine and edit the video as well as organize content. Overall, this article is an approachable guide to help educators begin their low-budget video-production journeys.

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