Nowrin Chowdhury & Matt Jenkins - VI4 Scientists Doing Things

Uno champions Nowrin Chowdhury and Matt Jenkins challenged each other to a game of Uno while we asked them some questions about their graduate student experience.




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Androgen receptor signaling promotes Treg suppressive function during allergic airway inflammation - Nowrin Chowdhury

The delta isoform of phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase predominates in chronic myelomonocytic leukemia and can be targeted effectively with umbralisib and ruxolitinib - Matt Jenkins

Video Transcript

Matt Jenkins: Why do ants have such great immune systems? Cause they make a lot of antibodies!

VI4 Scientists Doing Things

Helen Parrington: So, we’re here for the championship round between our two previous winners.

M: I’ll start with a reverse, back to me, reverse back to me, change to yellow. Oh ya, it is your turn, sorry. I got on a roll.

[Any exciting updates since we last saw you?]

M: I have been analyzing a very large RNA-seq data set, and I’m also waiting on some analysis to come back on some ATAC data that we did in collaboration with the Hodas Lab.

Nowrin Chowdhury: I have gone to two conferences and gotten a couple awards. I won the Chrysalis Award for the Allergy-Immunology Conference that we go to. I got a poster award for AAI, which is the big immunology conference. Then VI4 Trainee of the Year, so that was cool.

[If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?]

M: One specific meal? Uno. I love a good Italian gnocchi with Bolognese sauce.

N: These are both rice dishes, but it would either be jambalaya or biryani. It just tastes like home.

[Favorite thing about graduate school so far?]

N: The best parts of grad school are the people I’ve gotten to meet and the cool things I’ve gotten to do, and all the things I’ve gotten to learn about.

M: The worst part of grad school for me, I think, was having to study for part one of the pharmacology qualifying exam during the COVID summer. That was the worst part.

[What advice would you give to incoming students?]

M: For IGP, I would say to definitely make sure that you pay attention to your IGP classes, even if you think it’s not something you are going to use.

N: For me, I would say the biggest thing is finding the mentors who will support you whether it’s in your lab or outside of your lab. I think the biggest thing that has gotten me through grad school is that I have such a supportive PI.

M: Uno.

N: Uno.

M: Uno.

N: Sad.