November 2, 2020

Call for Content and Communicators


Call for Content and Communicators

Do you have an institute- or science-related story you’d like people to hear? Are you interested in exploring science communication?

We’re looking for writers and content creators interested in communicating the incredible research efforts, innovation, discoveries, and individuals of the Vanderbilt Institute for Infection, Immunology, and Inflammation (VI4).


Who can be an ImmuKnow+ science communicator?

Graduate Students
Post Docs
Undergraduate Students
VI4 Faculty


What types of stories and content can be published?

We are interested in any medium which can effectively inform our audience in a manner consistent with the goals of our mission statement. We can pair you with a story that needs telling or you can submit an idea of your own below. Some examples include:

Blog posts
Digital (photos/video)
Faculty/Students Highlights


Why write for ImmuKnow+?

Hone your ability to communicate science through blog/article/digital style content

Create portfolio items to advance your career

Explore cutting edge science outside your research

Represent the success of your friends and coworkers in this new, growing Vanderbilt Institute




Contact Karisa Calvitti, our Social Media Coordinator, with any questions in regards to contributing to ImmuKnow+.