Nurse Scholars Program

VUMC Nurse Scholars Program is a scholarship program for eligible nursing students. This program is designed as a pathway for qualified students to become Vanderbilt Health nurses. Nursing students may be eligible if they are enrolled in an accredited nursing program that participates in the Nursing Scholars Program with Vanderbilt Health.  

What We Offer  

  • VUMC will provide tuition assistance for those who receive a scholarship.  
  • In exchange for VUMC’s tuition assistance, the eligible student agrees to accept full-time employment with VUMC after passing the NCLEX and obtaining a Tennessee nursing license.  

Student Eligibility  

  • Students are currently enrolled in a participating, accredited nursing program.   
  • Students must be in good standing based on the nursing school policies.  
  • Students must apply and be accepted into the program.  

Student Repayment and/or Forgiveness  

  • Students are not required to repay any tuition assistance if they remain in good standing as a VUMC employee for four years.    
  • If a student voluntarily ends employment or is terminated from VUMC, they are required to repay VUMC for a pro-rated share of the tuition assistance.  

Click on appropriate school for additional details including printable flyer: 

  • What VUMC Will Cover for Cumberland University Students:

    • VUMC will cover up to $7500 per semester for up to four semesters of upper-division nursing courses.


    Printable flyer


    VUMC Nurse Scholars Program with Cumberland University
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