LPN Transition to Practice Program

The LPN Transition to Practice Program is designed to meet the needs of Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) who are beginning their careers with Vanderbilt University Medical Center.  

Current VUMC LPNs with less than one-year experience are also eligible to attend the program. 

Our program focuses on the development of clinical and communication skills, patient safety, as well as other competencies essential to successful LPN practice.  

Development is supported through both classroom and clinical experiences along with ongoing coaching and support from VUMC content experts.

Program Highlights

In addition to VUMC's onboarding and clinical orientation, our program provides new hires additional orientation focused on the ambulatory care setting, including:

First year:
•    LPN Jump Start and quarterly Transition to Practice Sessions
•    Dedicated preceptors
•    Targeted population-specific education

Beyond the first year
•    Mentorship
•    Career guidance
•    Support for ongoing professional development

Who will attend the LPN Transition to Practice Program?

•    Less than one-year work experience as an LPN 
•    LPNs new to the clinic setting

LPN staff who attend VUMC’s Clinical Orientation will automatically be enrolled in the LPN Jump Start and quarterly Transition to Practice sessions.

Apply as an LPN at VUMC

Eligibility requirements:
•    Less than one-year work experience as an LPN (outside or within VUMC)
•    Graduate of an accredited LPN program
•    LPN new to the ambulatory setting
•    To apply online, visit Work at Vanderbilt University Medical Center
     (use keyword search “LPN”)

button click for printable LPN Transition to Practice Brochure (formatted for 8-1/2 x 11; two pages)


LPN Transition to Practice Jump Start
(offered 8am - 4:30pm)

Attend one in-person session designed to provide an overview of care in the ambulatory nursing setting for all Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) new to the Vanderbilt Medical Group (VMG) and Children’s Hospital Outpatient Center (CHOC).

LPN Transition to Practice Sessions
Quarterly Virtual Cohort Discussions with Peers

Session 1:  Transition into a Safe Practices as & Ambulatory Nurse

Providing care in the clinic setting:
•    Enhancing knowledge, building confidence, and decreasing
      apprehensions of care delivery
•    Time management and delegation
•    Communicating with the healthcare team
•    Patient communication 
•    Managing disrespectful behavior

Session 2:  Cultural Competence

VUMC’s approach to providing care in a culturally responsive manner to a diverse patient population:
•    Sensitivity to cultural needs in the clinic setting 
•    Communicating with non-English speakers
•    Care of the LGBTQ patient
•    Healthcare disparities

Session 3:  Quality, Safety, & Patient Engagement

Applying quality initiatives and patient/family-centered care in the clinic setting:
•    Understanding quality initiatives and how to incorporate in the
     ambulatory practice
•    Interpreting how being a Magnet Hospital enhances quality initiatives and patient/family-centered
     care in the clinic setting 

Session 4:  Professional Development

Career development opportunities at VUMC after first year of LPN Transition to Practice Program:
•    Celebration of completion of program 
•    Professional development opportunities at VUMC and in the
     nursing community

button click for printable LPN Transition to Practice Sessions with Cohort Dates (formatted for 8-1/2 x 11)