Text Editing

The text editor contains the basic tools you’ll need to create a rich site. It functions similarly to software like Word, with a few differences.

From left to right, here are the buttons and what they do:


Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough, Subscript, Superscript Use these buttons to perform their corresponding actions to your text.


Remove formatting If you highlight some of your text and select this button, all formatting (e.g., bold, italics, underline) applied to that text will be removed.


Align Left, Center, Right, Justified Almost all text should be left aligned. Use other alignments (especially centering) sparingly.


Decrease Indent, Increase Indent This is used to decrease or increase the hierarchy level within lists.


Link Highlight text and select this button to link the selected text to another web page or document.


Unlink Select this button to unlink text.


Bulleted List, Numbered List Lists behave similarly to the list functionality within Word.


Blockquote Used to indicate a section of text that comes from another source. Text that is set as a blockquote will be indented and formatted to stand apart from other paragraph text.


Insert Image Use this to insert an image into the body of your page. When you select it, a box will appear with a like to open the file browser showing all of the files you have uploaded to your site. You can upload additional files from your computer by selecting the Upload button at the top. Select the image and choose Select to drop it into the text editor.


Table Use this to insert a table. IMPORTANT Use tables exclusively for data, not for formatting. Tables tend to be difficult to interpret on mobile device screens.


Horizontal rule Use this to insert a horizontal line where the cursor is placed.


Styles The main types of formatting in the text editor are paragraphs and headlines. Use this dropdown to set the selected text as one of these.

block show icon

Show Blocks  This is not the same as the Block feature for the site pages. This button refers to blocks of HTML and is handy for text alignment.


Source Code If you’re comfortable working directly in HTML code, you can select this button to access the source code for your content area.


Undo, Redo Use the Undo button to undo the last action or actions you made. Note that some actions cannot be undone. Use the Redo button to redo an action that you undid.

Cut.jpgCopy.jpgpaste icon

Cut, Copy, Paste Use these buttons to cut, copy, or paste text.


Paste as plain text Pasting in content from other sources can sometimes bring in undesirable formatting. Paste as plain text will cause copied content to be stripped of its formatting before it is inserted.


Paste from Word Sometimes you may wish to retain some formatting (e.g., bold, italics) from content you are pasting. Paste from Word will attempt to keep some of the formatting while stripping out any formatting that might interfere with the text editor.


Special characters Use this to insert symbols where the cursor is placed.

maximize icon

Maximize This allows you to open the editor full screen, seeing more of your content as you edit.


Editor Tips and Tricks

Single line returns Pressing Enter will start a new paragraph, skipping a line. If you need a simple line break, you can insert one by holding down Shift while pressing Enter.

Contextual menus Right-clicking within the editor will pull up useful contextual menu options. For example, right-clicking an image or a table cell will allow you to adjust its settings.