Creating Content

Select the + Create Content button in the black administrative toolbar at the top of your site.

You will find several kinds of content you can create.

Basic Page This is a standard page with whatever content you wish to place on it. For almost all purposes, you will use this content.

Blog Post Blog posts are useful for content that is added to your site frequently and is time sensitive (should be dated). Blog posts do not need to be traditional posts; it is also a useful format for publishing news and announcements.

Person A person page is a structured page allowing you to easily create nicely formatted bios for members, faculty, or staff by completing a simple form.

Publication A publication is a structured page allowing you to create nicely formatted citations by completing a simple form. Publications listings can be imported from PubMed.

Views of Content

These content types are used to display multiples of the types above on one page.

Bibliography A bibliography displays a list of Publications.          

Blog A blog displays a list of Blog Posts.          

Person Directory Page A person directory page displays a list of Persons.