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Vanderbilt News Feeds for RSS Reader Blocks

A great website not only has compelling images and original content, but also ever-changing content. You're more likely to increase your returning visitor rate by having content that is fresh and up-to-date. One way to do this is to create a blog on your site. This can be department news, VUMC news, or perhaps a specific area of medicine. The key to blogging is to do it consistently, so what if you don't have time? That's where the VUMC News feeds come in handy!

How to Use the Summary Option on a Blog

What is the Summary option and why should I use it? If you use the built-in blog feature in Barista, you've probably noticed that you have two options of how to show your posts on the blog page. One is to show the full post and the second is to show a teaser of each post. Showing a teaser of each post is a great option, because it eliminates a lot of scrolling and your readers are likely to stay on your blog longer if they can quickly see your posts.

How to Create Content Behind VUNetID

Barista has a built-in feature allowing content editors to restrict viewing access on any type of content and it's extremely easy to use. You will have two options with access control. Anyone with a VUNetID The first level of access control is restricting viewing to anyone with a VUNetID. This means exactly that. Anyone with a VUNetID can log in and view the content on your restricted page. To implement this feature, edit the page you want to put behind VUNetID and expand the Access Control box to the right.

How to Manage Users in Barista

Viewing Content Editors If you're already a content editor on a Barista site, you can add and remove other content editors. To view a list of your site's current content editors, select Users from the top black admin bar. In the Users section, you'll see a box for Content Editors. This is where you'll find a list of VUNetIDs of all the Content Editors on your site.