About the Tennessee Center for AIDS Research (CFAR)

The vision of the Tennessee CFAR is to have transformative impact locally, nationally and globally. Guided by this vision, the mission of the Tennessee CFAR is to coordinate institutional and community resources and focus efforts on high-priority targets to most effectively reduce the burden of HIV/AIDS and to generalize these benefits nationally and globally. 

Decades of research have generated knowledge and tools that, in theory, could prevent all new HIV infections and ultimately eliminate AIDS. Reality falls far short, in part due to major pressing unmet needs, many of which fall within two domains: “Continuum of Care” (assuring that all HIV-infected individuals are diagnosed, connected to care, and maintained in care) and “Personalized HIV Care” (assuring optimally safe and effective therapy based on understanding determinants of interindividual variability). The Tennessee CFAR is located in the Southeastern US, the region with the greatest number of new HIV infections, and of persons living with HIV.

This CFAR represents a unique three-way partnership between a research-intensive institution (Vanderbilt University), an academic health sciences center focused on minority and underserved populations (Meharry Medical College), and an academically engaged state health department (Tennessee Department of Health).

This CFAR serves HIV researchers at our institutions and strives to advance all aspects of HIV/AIDS basic and translational science. We also seek to grow partnerships in community-engaged research.

The Specific Emphasis of the Tennessee CFAR is...

  1. To provide strong institutional leadership in HIV/AIDS at Vanderbilt University, Meharry Medical College, and Tennessee Department of Health.
  2. To provide core services in support of research at the participating institutions that focuses on HIV/AIDS.
  3. To support the career development of junior investigators whose research will address important issues in HIV/AIDS.
  4. To create and act upon new opportunities for HIV clinical/translational research at Meharry Medical College, and between Meharry Medical College and Vanderbilt University.
  5. To grow over time a new and broad emphasis on HIV-focused community engaged research that pervades activities and institutions of this CFAR.