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Teaching Children


Young children are curious explorers. They like to climb and seem to get into everything! They also like to examine brightly colored pills and attractively packaged household products.  And most children, if given a chance, will put some of these products into their mouths and swallow them.

Each year, thousands of children are poisoned accidentally. Many are injured from ingesting medicines, drain cleaners, bleaches, other household chemicals and even household plants.

Children should be taught the following safety messages in order to stay safe from poisons:

1. Always ask a grown-up first before you eat or drink anything.

2. Take medicine only from a grown-up that you trust.

3. Tell a grown-up if you think you have eaten or drank a poison. Never wait to see if you get sick.

4. Tell a grown-up if someone finds a poison.

Most poisonings occur when a product is in use. If you are using a household product when called to the telephone or door, take it with you.

Adults should save the hotline telephone number to their cell phones (1-800-222-1222) and keep the telephone number near their land line telephones.

Tennessee Poison Center has telephone stickers and refrigerator magnets available by calling 615-936-0760 or 1-800-222-1222.