For the Public

Anyone can be a poison victim. Though children have higer rates of poison exposures, more adults die from it. Education is key to prevent a poisoning. Various materials are available for Tennessee residents to learn about TPC's expertise and poison prevention.

Please call (615) 936-0760 if you would like to order any of the following:

Poison Help brochures: Available in English and Spanish
A tri-fold brochure teaching poison prevention. It includes poison prevention tips, ways to prevent poisonings at home, and how a poison center can help with poison emergencies or information.

Prevent a Poisoning cards:  Available in English, SpanishKurdish, and Vietnamese
A two-sided card listing poison prevention for the home.

Poison Help magnets: Available in English and Spanish,

Perfect to put on any magnetic surface, such as a refrigerator as a reminder to call the Poison Help hotline in a poison emergency.

Poison Help phone stickers: Available  in English and Spanish
Small phone stickers to put on any stationary phone (office or nurses station) to keep the Poison Help hotline number is a visible location. 

TPC and Terrorism brochure: Available in English
A tri-fold brochure about chemical and biological terrorism. It includes, types of biological and chemical agents, how TPC responds, how to prepare your family, and what to do if a suspected threat occurs.

Save the Number to Your Cell Phone business cards: Available in English and Spanish

A business card that includes information about the TPC and what to do in a poison emergency.

Is It Medicine or Candy? poster: Available in English and Spanish
Demonstrates how closely some medicines resemble candy.

How Safe is Your House? Available in English and Spanish
This poster provides 10 tips on how to poison proof your home. 

Poisonous Plants in English
A one page flyer that lists toxic and non-toxic plants in Tennessee.