02-04-19 Does CBD oil cause a false positive for THC on UDS?

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February 4, 2019

Does CBD oil cause a false positive for THC on UDS?

I was asked the above question by a health care provider.  I immediately sent it to the expert, Jennifer Colby PhD, Chief of the analytic tox lab.  This is what she said:

CBD oil presents a interesting issue.  If the CDB oil was legally acquired in TN it should have a max THC content of 0.3%.  If it was acquired elsewhere (or if it came from a manufacturer overseas with poor quality control) all bets are off.  If a patient is using locally sourced oil from a reputable manufacturer, I would be surprised if the low-level contamination was enough to cause a positive screen.  As far as I know there are no regulations about the concentration of cannabinol in the CBD oil, so it could be there are relatively high amounts, enough to cause a positive screen.  However, I have not tested that, and I am not aware that anyone else has. 

Question prepared by Jennifer Colby PhD, Associate Director of Clinical Chemistry, VUMC

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