March 27, 2019: Why do we give glucagon in beta blocker overdose?

Beta blockers competitively inhibit myocardial β1 receptors. These receptors normally act through a second messenger system (Gs proteins*) to activate adenyl cyclase (AC) and increase cyclic AMP (cAMP), which results in the influx of intracellular calcium through L-type calcium channels. β1-receptor antagonism results in decreased calcium entry and, subsequently, decreased inotropy and chronotropy. 

Glucagon, a polypeptide counterregulatory hormone secreted from the pancreatic α-cells, bypasses β-receptors to exert inotropic and chonotropic cardiac effects. Similar to β-receptors, cardiac glucagon receptors are coupled to Gs proteins. Glucagon binding to these receptors results in increased adenylyl cyclase activity independent of β-receptor activity.

We recommend giving glucagon as a 10 mg bolus over 10 minutes. Giving the bolus more quickly increases risk for vomiting. Glucagon has a short half-life and the bolus should be followed by a continuous infusion at 3-5 mg/hr.

Glucagon may also be considered in other cases of drug-induced bradycardia.



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This question prepared by: Cosby Arnold MD, UT Emergency Medicine Resident


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