Feb 1, 2022: Which exposures require reporting to the TN Dept of Health?

The TN Department of Health Needs YOU to help with required reporting.

Healthcare providers can review the 2022 Tennesee Reportable Disease List, which can also be found on the TDH website: https://www.tn.gov/health/cedep/reportable-diseases.html.

Reporting is sent to the local or regional health offices with the ability to report through an online portal. If you want to report online via the National Electronic Disease Survelliance System (NEDSS), you can request an account here: https://redcap.health.tn.gov/redcap/surveys/?s=8L7CMWHN4M.


  • Carbon monoxide poisonings need to be reported within a week. A general reporting form can be used or the CO poison reporting form
  • For blood lead levels, healthcare providers and laboratories are required to report blood lead test results ≥ 5μg/dl in 1 week and < 5 μg/dl  in 1 month.
  • Call your local health department via phone for any suspected outbreaks of public health significance. (Good examples would include suspected food poisoning, scombroid, etc).
  • The Tennessee Poison Center is always available to discuss a possible poisoning case: 1-800-222-1222.

This question was prepared by Saralyn Williams MD, Professor of Emergency Medicine, Medicine and Pediatrics.

You'll notice a few changes at the TPC. I have officially retired (but will continue with the Question of the Week for the near future). It has been such a privilege to have spent the last 22 years working with all of you and leading the Poison Center. Now, Saralyn Williams, MD has joined the Toxicology Faculty and along with Rebecca Bruccoleri, MD (Medical Director) will be spending part of her time teaching and taking poison center call. Many of you have previously worked with her. Things will just keep getting better.

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Donna Seger, MD
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Tennessee Poison Center
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