Dec 22, 2003: What will happen when Southern Poison Center closes on January 30, 2004?

On January 30, 2004, Southern Poison Center (SPC) will close due to lack of funding.  At that time, Middle TN Poison Center (MTPC) will initiate state coverage.  The State Dept of Health will provide the funding to expand our services.  The funding will not cover the current deficit, but will cover the expansion.  Continuation of services in the 38 counties served by SPC means that every county in the US remains covered by a Poison Center.
We will add two more phone lines and four poison specialists as soon as possible. Specifics regarding the logistics on Jan 30 are yet to be worked out, but I will provide more information in one of the Questions in January.  
Question of the Week will resume on January 12, 2004.
Happy Holidays!!!! 
As always, if there any questions, call the MTPC.

I am interested in any questions that you would like answered in "Question of the Week". Please e-mail me with any suggestions.

Donna Seger, M.D.
Medical Director, Middle Tennessee Poison Center