Maternity/Paternity Leave Policies

Maternity/Paternity Leave 


FMLA is an acronym for Family and Medical Leave Act—a federal law that provides employees the right to take a leave of absence (up to 12 weeks) for personal or family medical reasons and leave for qualifying military exigencies or military caregiver while maintaining job protection. Examples of reasons an employee might apply for FMLA include the birth, adoption or fostering of a child, to recover from surgery or for an illness, such as cancer or diabetes.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center recognizes that during an employee's career, circumstances may arise which require prolonged or intermittent absence from work due to medical reasons. VUMC provides eligible employees the necessary provisions under State and Federal law in regards to medical leaves of absences.

An employee may start the application process for Family Medical Leave by completing the online Medical Leave Request form. In the event an employee is not eligible for FMLA, this same form will start the application process for a Non-FMLA Medical Leave.

For VUMC employees, you can also find more on your C2HR portal.