Planners With COI alert on RSS Dashboard

Are you seeing this message on your upcoming RSS sessions?  It will prevent your session from being reviewed and approved for credits since the session is missing required items.

RSS dashboard Planners with COI alert

The RSS dashboard (Activities --> RSS Dashboard) now checks CME Associate and Activity Director disclosure status to ensure we are fully compliant with our accrediting body, the ACCME.  All CME Associates, Activity Directors, and other planners are required to update their disclosure forms in CloudCME every 12 months.

RSS dashboard location

If you have this message on your upcoming sessions, at least one disclosure form has expired or is missing.  To update (required every 12 months), the CME Associate or Activity Director should login to and click Disclosure in the lower right.  The form takes only a moment to update and submit

More detailed instructions on completing a disclosure form can be found here.


If you're unsure whose disclosure has expired, go to Reports --> Disclosures.  Click the Parents Only checkbox, search for the Parent ID, and Create Report..  This will produce a PDF of all planner disclosures.  At the bottom of each is a date and they expire every 12 months. 

Disclosure report example

The Parent ID can be found on your RSS dashboard.  As soon as the missing/expired disclosure forms have been completed, you will see the alert automatically disappear.

RSS dashboard parent ID example