How to complete the Disclosure of Financial Relationships form

A Disclosure of Financial Relationships form must be completed by all Planners, Faculty, Authors, Reviewers, and any others who may control educational content at least 10 business days before the scheduled event.  Not doing so will cause the event to be decertified for credit.  
There is no minimum financial threshold.  Accrediting bodies require that you disclose all financial relationships, regardless of the amount, with ineligible companies. 

To complete or update your form:

Note: if you have already been assigned as a faculty, planner, or other role in an accredited activity, you may also see this form listed as a task in the upper right, under Faculty
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  • Read all content and complete the Yes/No question

Yes/No disclosure question

  • If yes, enter each relationship and details in a separate box, using the green + sign to add as many as needed.

disclosure box

Note: if a company is not listed, select Other from the top of the list and type in the company name in the box that appears

Submit button


  • Review and complete all Attestation questions and Submit the form

Attestation questions and submit button


The form is valid for 12 months unless any changes are needed.  For any other questions or concerns, please Contact Us.