Miniature Diamond-Based Fiber Optic Pressure Sensor with Dual Polymer-Ceramic Adhesives.


Diamond is a good candidate for harsh environment sensing due to its high melting temperature, Young's modulus, and thermal conductivity. A sensor made of diamond will be even more promising when combined with some advantages of optical sensing (i.e., EMI inertness, high temperature operation, and miniaturization). We present a miniature diamond-based fiber optic pressure sensor fabricated using dual polymer-ceramic adhesives. The UV curable polymer and the heat-curing ceramic adhesive are employed for easy and reliable optical fiber mounting. The usage of the two different adhesives considerably improves the manufacturability and linearity of the sensor, while significantly decreasing the error from the temperature cross-sensitivity. Experimental study shows that the sensor exhibits good linearity over a pressure range of 2.0-9.5 psi with a sensitivity of 18.5 nm/psi (R = 0.9979). Around 275 °C of working temperature was achieved by using polymer/ceramic dual adhesives. The sensor can benefit many fronts that require miniature, low-cost, and high-accuracy sensors including biomedical and industrial applications. With an added antioxidation layer on the diamond diaphragm, the sensor can also be applied for harsh environment applications due to the high melting temperature and Young's modulus of the material.