Adventure Travel Guide to the Microbial World

We are a group of faculty and first and second year graduate students who are embarking on a travel expedition into the microbial world.  Check this site for a description of what we learn and see along the journey.   You can also follow us on Twitter!  @ClassMicro

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The Superpowers of P. luminescens

The richness of the bacterial world is truly astonishing. While it is impossible to know an exact number of bacterial species on our planet, some reports help us appreciate the scope of the bacterial diversity.

VI4 Seminar, 1/14/21, Dr. Carolyn Ibberson

            This week, I attended a seminar from the VI4 at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, which hosted Dr. Carolyn Ibberson from Georgia Institute of Technology. She is a current faculty candidate for Vanderbilt and her presentation was titled “Insights into S.

A look at disease vectors: The mosquito

Insects inhabit our world, acting as agricultural pollinators and pests, as well as vectors of diseases. As common disease vectors, mosquitoes have been identified as one of the deadliest organisms in the world [1]. In a recent lecture, Dr.