Research Derivative

The Research Derivative is a database of clinical and related data derived from the Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s (VUMC) clinical systems and restructured for research. Data is repurposed from VUMC’s enterprise data warehouse, which includes data from StarPanel, VPIMS, and ORMIS (Operating Room Management Information System), EPIC, Medipac, and HEO among others. The medical record number and other person identifiers are preserved within the database. Data types include reimbursement codes, clinical notes and documentation, nursing records, medication data, laboratory data, encounter and visit data, among others. Output may include structured data points, such as ICD 9 or 10 codes and encounter dates, semi-structured data such as laboratory tests and results, or unstructured data such as physician progress reports. The database is maintained by the Office of Research Informatics under the direction of Paul Harris, Ph.D.