Instructor Led Training

Below are options for Instructor led sessions: 


IRB Basics

These sessions provide an overview of IRB fundamentals and an opportunity to receive assistance from HRPP staff after the presentation.  Objectives for the session include: Identifying regulatory changes in the protection of human research subjects; identifying activities which require IRB review; and requirements surrounding the consent process, when it can be waived and when re-consenting is required. Basics sessions are held quarterly.

IRB Essentials 

These sessions provide education about specific IRB policies and procedures or other topics of interest.  Objectives, depending on subject matter, may include: identifying violations in research that influenced the development of ethical principals and legal requirements currently governing human subjects research; identifying the agencies governing human subjects research; identifying examples of current projects and how federal guidance and IRB policies may affect the review process; describing what and how changes affect IRB review; and discussing issues regarding the consent process. Essentials sessions are held every other month. 

News You Can Use (NYCU)

These sessions provide education regarding specific or important "hot topic" issues relating to human subjects research. NYCU sessions are held as needed. 


How to enroll for any of the above:





Departmental or Group In Service Requests

VHRPP can also provide any type of human research protections training for an individual department or Investigators and key study personnel. We will need some basic information regarding the audience and type of in service request. You have the option of selecting one of many topics or designing an in-service specific to your department and/or team.


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