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Report: "The National Imperative to Improve Nursing Home Quality"

  Nursing homes play a unique dual role in the long-term care continuum, serving as a place where people receive needed health care and a place they call home. Ineffective responses to the complex challenges of nursing home care have resulted in a system that often fails to ensure the well-being and safety of nursing home residents.

Vanderbilt MPH Program Events for National Public Health Week 2022

Faces of Public Health Numerous careers can fall under the umbrella of Public Health. Come and listen to esteemed MPH alumni as they give advice on navigating the career landscape, discuss how their jobs fit into Public Health, and more! This panel discussion will dive deep into the many faces of Public Health!

The Impact of COVID-19 Hospitalization Surges on All Tennesseans

The Omicron wave of COVID-19 has caused record case numbers and a related surge in hospitalizations across Tennessee. This brief demonstrates how current high numbers of COVID-19 hospitalizations affect access to hospitals for every Tennessean, not just those in need of specialized care for COVID-19.

New Study Examines Long-Term Benefit of ‘Two-Midnight Rule’

A new Health Affairs study led by Vanderbilt University Medical Center researchers raises questions about the long-term benefit and value of the so-called Medicare “Two-Midnight Rule” implemented in 2013 to reduce costly and potentially unnecessary inpatient hospital admissions.