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Researchers recommend ways to measure ‘spillover effects’ on families, caregivers

Imagine the unthinkable: A child diagnosed with cancer who suddenly needs extensive treatment and care for a lengthy period. Researchers have long studied the economic value of that care (e.g., outcomes relative to cost) but measuring the impact of patient illness on parents or caregivers has been underestimated and inconsistently incorporated into economic evaluations.

Report: "The National Imperative to Improve Nursing Home Quality"

  Nursing homes play a unique dual role in the long-term care continuum, serving as a place where people receive needed health care and a place they call home. Ineffective responses to the complex challenges of nursing home care have resulted in a system that often fails to ensure the well-being and safety of nursing home residents.

Vanderbilt MPH Program Events for National Public Health Week 2022

Faces of Public Health Numerous careers can fall under the umbrella of Public Health. Come and listen to esteemed MPH alumni as they give advice on navigating the career landscape, discuss how their jobs fit into Public Health, and more! This panel discussion will dive deep into the many faces of Public Health!