New to VUMC

Welcome, new employees!

Below you will find helpful resources for onboarding, living in Nashville, and steps to ease your transition into the Department of Health Policy and VUMC community.

Make sure to review your copy of the New Staff Hire Guide and New Employee Cheat Sheet

  • VUMC Immunization & Screening Compliance

    Click here to access information about VUMC's compliance requirements and a list of locations to receive immunizations

    Click here to upload your records online

    Contact Information

    Occupational Health Clinic - 615-936-0955

    Health Plus - 615-343-8943

    Vanderbilt Health & Wellness - 615-936-0961


    Paychecks are directly deposited into your bank account, or you can establish an account with the Vanderbilt Credit Union. Log into Workday VUMC ( (PAY) to set up your direct deposit


    Access the Payroll Calendar for important information related to timecard due dates and paydays


    Kronos is Vanderbilt's electronic time and attendance system used by hourly paid staff (bi-weekly, non-exempt) to record worked time using real time electronic clocks (also known as readers and terminals)

    Here is the Kronos | VUMC Human Resources link to submit time daily.

    Make sure you have clocked in and out every day (start of day, 30 min meal if you work 6+ hours, end of day)

    If you have missed a punch, send an email to with the times that should be added (with documentation)

    All Kronos timecards must be submitted at the end of your pay period


    Initial Compliance Training is an online curriculum that covers important topics that protect you, patients, coworkers, and the organization. This training must be completed within sixty (60) days of hire. Staff members who do not complete the training by 60 days will be moved to an unpaid administrative leave status until the training is complete. You are not able to work once moved into this status. At the 90-day point, employment may be ended for not completing these training modules.    

    Conflict of Interest Disclosure (must complete within TWO WEEKS of hiring date)

    Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

    VUMC uses MobilePASS+ and Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as an added layer of security when accessing the VUMC network, drives and systems. 

    Enroll in Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) and MobilePASS+ (click HERE for more details)


    Complete the Kronos 8.1 Timestamp training in the Online Course, based on how you will use Kronos

  • MyWorkday

    This website serves as the best source for information about Workday; click here to access VUMC MyWorkday home page

    See the Training Hub for resources, including a schedule and recordings of 30-minute Workday Workshops, Workday curriculum, and reference guides

    View the Workday Word section to see updates and changes to Workday

    Workday Troubleshooting Guide

    Please use the steps below to try and troubleshoot your issue. If you still cannot resolve your problem, please use the RedCap link to report your problem to the Research Admin team

    First, try finding the solution with one of these resources:

    Learning Exchange Training

    Mac WalkMe Add in Installation Guide: WalkMe includes system guidance, tips, and validations within Workday

    Check Reference guides, Translators, Report Crosswalks within Workday hub

    If those don't resolve your problem, next try these steps.

    Visit the Help Center within Workday for all HR questions – this replaces HR Help Desk

    Notify the Research Admin team about your issue by submitting a RedCap Workday Troubleshooting Reporting form

    Workday Curriculum: Employee as Self: Curriculum | Vanderbilt Learning Exchange (

  • Vanderbilt University Medical Center requires all vehicles parking on the VUMC campuses by faculty, staff, or students of the Medical Center to be registered with the Parking and Transportation Services department. All permit fees are payroll deducted.

    VUMC parking options for staff working at 2525 West End Avenue

    N-Lot & Kensington Garage. If you do not plan to come to the office regularly, you may consider street parking in the area or a single day hangtag.

    N-LOT (one block from the building)

    New employees can sign into their account (click my account) in order to obtain a parking permit. You will need to know/have the following:

    VUNET ID (that is active for at least 48-72 hours); license plate number, make, model, color, style, year of your vehicle and access to a printer

    KENSINGTON GARAGE (with walkway to building)

    Complete vehicle information section of Tenant Access/Parking Request Form and get it signed (request form from supervisor)

    Take the signed form, vehicle registration and ID badge to VUMC Parking & Transportation office

    Look out for a welcome email from Metropolis (our parking management company) asking you to sign up and join Health Policy’s parking group

    VUMC Parking Permit Office

    1210 Medical Center Dr, Nashville, TN 37232

    Contact: 615-936-1215, Option 3

  • Employee Profile: Send your headshot to Jake Lowary (, or to request an appointment for the department website

    Guide for Working Remotely:

    Setting Up Communication: The department no longer uses phones and all communication will go through email and Microsoft Teams

    Check with Your Supervisor: Clarify tools, software, & data access with your supervisor; they can help you with any questions

  • Employee Discounts, Vanderbilt History & more

    New to Nashville? Check out apartment discounts

    Check out some fun Vanderbilt history and odd tidbits here

    See a list of discounts as part of the VUMC community here

    Read the VUMC Reporter and HP Happenings for updates about new employee discounts and other opportunities