October 2017

1332 Waivers: States' Actions and Opportunities to Streamline the Process (October 25, 2017)


August 2017

Behavioral Health Needs in Tennessee 


May 2017

Presentation to The Health Collaborative, Cincinnati, May 23, 2017 

What Federal Changes Could Bring at the State and Local Level (updated May 30, 2017)

March 2017

Documents prepared for Sen. Alexander’s staff, March 23, 2017

American Health Care Act: Considerations for Tennessee


December 2016

Documents prepared for the 3 Star Task Force in December 2016

Medicaid Per Capita Allotments and Block Grants Comparison Chart

Medicaid Per Capita Caps and Block Grants: Implications and Considerations

Approved and Proposed 1115 Waivers for Medicaid Expansion

Denied Provisions in 1115 Waivers for Medicaid Expansion


November 2016

Summary of Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Enrollee Cost-Sharing, Wellness Programs, and Enforcement & Disenrollment in States with Section 1115 Medicaid Waivers 

Three Star Task Force - Melinda Buntin

April 2016

Please find the handouts from Dr. Buntin's  3-Star Healthy Project Public Meeting April 27, 2016 presentation below.

For Individual Files:

State 1115 waivers: Approved and Proposed

Announcement of 3-Star Healthy Project Task Force 

Income Limits for TennCare


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January 2015

Covering the Uninsured - Nashville Health Community Forum Presentation - Melinda Buntin