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The Department offers the M.P.H. degree, including tracks in Health Policy, Global Health and Epidemiology, and is welcoming its first cohort pursuing a Ph.D. in Health Policy in fall 2020.

Featured Resources

Mask requirements and hospitalizations across Tennessee.

A chart that shows areas of Tennessee without masking requirements have seen a 200% increase in COVID19 hospitalizations in July 2020 compared to 30-40% in areas with masking requirements.


COVID-19 in Tennessee: Hospitalizations and newly reported cases by metro area, as of Aug. 3.

COVID19 hospitalizations and newly reported cases are mostly originating outside of the state's 2 largest metro areas, a trend that has developed during July 2020.



Health status before and after Medicaid expansion in the Southeast

Research now links Medicaid expansion with health benefits, suggesting expansion can reduce declines in health and increase baseline health status.