2021 CEER Annual Meeting

2021 CEER Annual Meeting Draft Agenda

Dates: May 10 and 11, 2021

All times below are EST, Details on how to attend (via Zoom) will be provided via direct correspondence with the participants.


May 10, 2021  
1:00 - 1:10pm: Welcome from NHGRI leadership
1:10 - 1:30pm: Icebreaker
Organizers: Debra Mathews, Ph.D., M.A. (Johns Hopkins University) and Daniel Thiel (University of Michigan)
1:30 - 2:50pm:

Moderated Research Panels: Challenges in Clinical Translation: Medicine and Public Health
Organizers: Josephine Johnston, L.L.B., M.B.H.L. (Hastings Center) and Debra Mathews, Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins University)

Order of Presentations:

  1. Diverse Families’ Pathways to Genomic Research for Rare and Undiagnosed Conditions
    Jennifer Young, Ph.D., Stanford University

  2. 'La Piedra Rosetta': A Content Analysis of Health-specific stories on Genetic Testing from Spanish-language News Outlets
    Daniel Chavez-Yenter, University of Utah

  3. Inclusion ≠ Equity: Re-Framing Indigenous Representation in Precision Health Research towards Empowerment
    Krystal Tsosie, Vanderbilt University

  4. Diagnosing Aristotelian Ableism in Genetics
    Tiffany Campbell, University of Utah

  5. Influence of Genetic Information on Neonatologists’ Decisions
    Katharine Callahan, M.D., University of Pennsylvania

  6. Implications of Patients' Genetic Attributions for Gambling Disorder
    Matthew Lebowitz, Ph.D., Columbia University

  7. Clinicians’ and Patients’ Perspectives on the Role of Infectious Pathogens on the Causation and Prevention of Colon Cancer
    Juli Bollinger, M.S. Johns Hopkins University 

  8. Should Host Genomics Play a Role in the Management and Control of Infectious Disease Outbreaks?
    Sheethal Jose, Johns Hopkins University
2:50 - 3:00pm: Break
3:00 - 4:00pm: Discussion on the Future of Work, Well-being and ELSI Career Development
Organizer: Mildred Cho, Ph.D. (Stanford University)

This will be an open discussion and Q&A among trainees and investigators about developing an ELSI Research Career, particularly given the challenges posed by the pandemic.
4:00 - 5:00pm: Keynote: Bridging Privacy and Equity for Health Benefit
Bartha Knoppers, Ph.D.
Professor, Canada Research Chair in Law and Medicine
Director, Centre of Genomics and Policy of the Faculty of Medicine
McGill University
May 11, 2021   
1:00 - 1:10pm:  Welcome to Day 2 from the Organizers
1:10 - 2:30pm:   Moderated Research Panels: Genomics and Society: Privacy, Identity, and Diversity
Organizers: Cecil Lewis, Ph.D. (University of Oklahoma) and Bradley Malin, Ph.D. (Vanderbilt University)

Order of Presentations:
  1. Genomic Discourses of Addiction in Media Coverage of the Opioid Epidemic: From Risk-Factors to "Genetic Distinctiveness"
    Katherine Hendy, Ph.D., University of Michigan

  2. Surveillance at the Cineplex: Monitoring Racialized Bodies in Contemporary Films
    Ashley Kim, Vanderbilt University

  3. Entanglement, Sovereignty and Science
    Justin Lund, University of Oklahoma

  4. Pygmalion in the Genes? On the Potentially Negative Psychosocial Impacts  of Polygenic Scores for Educational Attainment
    Lucas Matthews, Ph.D., Columbia University

  5. Seamless and Secure Sharing of Genomic Data Involving Children in the Electronic Health Record (EHR): What is the Gold Standard?
    Vasiliki Rahimzadeh, Ph.D., Stanford University

  6. The Importance of Diversity in Regulating Genomics in Society
    Naomi Scheinerman, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

  7. Realizing Face Re-identification from Genomic Data is Harder Than You Think
    Rajagopal Venkatesaramani, Washington University in St. Louis
2:30 - 2:45pm: Break
2:45 - 3:45pm: Networking with the CEERs

Each CEER will have a breakout room where they can provide information on their CEER activities and networking opportunities. The meeting participants will be free to move between the breakout rooms as they choose.
3:45 - 4:45pm: Strategies for Future Networking and Collaboration
Organizer: Ellen Wright Clayton (Vanderbilt University)