Promotion through the Ranks


Established in 2016, the Promotion through the Ranks program is a series of workshops offered to all faculty members about the policies, processes, and expectations during the appointments and promotions process. The workshops are separated by academic track in order to ensure faculty members receive appointments and promotions data and information about their individual track. 

Program Goals

Faculty Participant Goals

  • Build awareness of appointments and promotions policies, processes, and resources
  • Enhance understand through discussion of appointments and promotions expectations per individual tracks

Institutional Goals

  • Engage faculty members in conversations about the appointments and promotions process earlier in their career 
  • Provide clear communication about appointments and promotions policies, processes, resources, and expectations 

Program Structure

Target Audience

  • This program is open to all faculty members in the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. Specifically, faculty members interested in the appointments and promotions process are encouraged to attend a session. 

Program Organization

  • The workshops include a panel discussion with senior administrators, recently promoted faculty members, and senior faculty members who have served on appointments and promotions committee. 

Workshop Dates

Updates coming soon!

For further information on Promotion through the Ranks, please contact the Office of Faculty Affairs.