Office of Faculty Affairs - Staff

Shannon Ontiveros  

Shannon Ontiveros, MS

Director, Office of Faculty Affairs

Director, Faculty Training and Compliance Programs
(615) 322-8384

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Administrative oversight of the Office of Faculty Affairs
  • Conflict of interest and commitment for faculty
  • Compliance training for faculty
Joey Ingram  


Joey Ingram, MLIS

Senior Program Manager, Systems and Educational Technology
(615) 322-2165

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Liaison with VUMC IT on OFA software solutions
  • Provide training to faculty and staff on OFA technology resources
  • Compliance training for SOM Faculty
  • Facilitate educational sessions for administrators (e.g., round tables, Ad hoc training meeting, OFA 101)
Yvonne Parrish  


Yvonne Parrish

Senior Administrative Assistant

(615) 322-2165

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Administrative support for Office of Faculty Affairs
  • Calendar oversight for Office of Faculty Affairs leadership
Lindsey Patrick-Wright  


Lindsey Patrick-Wright, MLIS

Senior Program Manager, Faculty Appointments & Promotions
(615) 322-4045

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Administer process for all SOM faculty actions
  • Process and support faculty review committees
  • Process retired and Emeritus/Emerita faculty
  • Provide informational support for department administrators regarding faculty actions 
Diane Sussman  


Diane Sussman

Senior Program Manager, Faculty Committees and Resources
(615) 322-5940

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Department chair and senior leader searches
  • Endowed Chair nominations
  • Endowed Director nominations
  • Process and support for faculty review committees
  • FMLA and faculty leaves
Lisa Tarr  


Lisa Tarr

Senior Program Manager, Faculty Development
(615) 875-3488

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Coordinates new faculty orientation
  • Plans and executes faculty development programs and events
  • Coordinates faculty spring assembly and faculty awards
  • Supports nomination process for the Academy for Excellence in Clinical Medicine
Debbie Emory-Utzig  


Debbie Emory-Utzig

Senior Administrative Assistant, Emeritus Office
(615) 936-0718

Areas of Responsibility:

  •  Administrative support for the SOM Emeritus Office