For questions related to compliance or Conflict of Interest reporting, and other topics listed below, please contact Shannon Ontiveros, Administrative Director of the Office of Faculty Affairs.

  • Compliance training requirements for faculty
  • Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment reporting
  • Grant review
  • Requests for AAMC data (salary review, etc.)
  • Emeritus office 
  • Faculty Senate nomination and selection

For questions about faculty reappointments and other topics listed below, please contact Auda Hutto, Senior Administrative Assistant.

  • Scheduling for Dr. John Penn and Dr. Steve Meranze, Associate Deans for Faculty Affairs
  • Reappointment of faculty members in FAS
  • Verification of faculty appointments

For questions related to faculty appointments and promotions, including the topics listed below, please contact Elaine Brown, Executive Assistant to the Dean.

  • New appointments, including requests for temporary appointments, and secondary appointments
  • Promotions
  • Dossier requirements
  • Requests for track changes
  • Requests for salary changes
  • Nominations to Retired Faculty status or Emeritus status
  • Change of status requests (for example, effort changes)
  • Departures

For questions related to faculty committees or leaves of absence, including the topics listed below, please contact Amy Nabours, Manager of Faculty Committees and Chair Searches.

  • Department chair searches
  • Faculty appointment and promotions committees (FAPC, CPAPC, ECEF)
  • Endowed chair nominations and reappointments
  • Leaves of absence including FMLA, medical leave, parental leave, scholarly leave, military leave, etc.

For questions about faculty development, including the topics listed below, please contact Ashley Wood, Manager of Faculty Development Programs.

  • New Faculty Orientation, New Faculty Welcome Breakfast
  • Academic Leadership Program (ALP)
  • Junior Faculty Leadership Development Program (JFLDP)
  • Women on Track program
  • Faculty awards (including AAMC, Mid-Career, Teaching Awards, and ELAM)
  • Requests for data from OFA
  • Educator Portfolio application
  • CV assistance
  • Other faculty development programs