About Educator Portfolio

Educator Portfolio is an application that provides the ability to cumulatively document teaching activities and teaching effectiveness for use in appointment, promotion, and tenure decisions.

Educator Portfolio is required (as of January 1, 2018) when the Documentation of Teaching form would be required as as a component of the dossier supporting an appointment or promotion nomination.  The benefits of using Educator Portfolio are:

  • Increased accessibility 
  • Multimedia documentation storage
  • Standardization of format simplifies the evaluation process

Helpful Hints

  • Educator Portfolio User Guide
  • Items that offer data for import from external sources are marked with a gold star.
  • Clicking the blue information symbols throughout the application will provide detailed explanations of appropriate text, uploads or data needed to complete the section/activity.
  • If you have questions, contact the Office of Faculty Affairs.


Why can’t I access the Educator Portfolio?

If you are unable to access the application, it could be because you did not provide your correct VUNetID. If you experience issues, please contact the Office of Faculty Affairs.

If you are an administrator and are unable to access the application, it is likely because you have not been identified as a delegate by a faculty member. If you feel this is an error, please contact the Office of Faculty Affairs.

If you are off campus and unable to access the application, make sure you have download and signed into the VUMC VPN. You need the VPN client to access all OFA applications off campus.

How do I add a Delegate to my portfolio? 
You may add a delegate to your Educator Portfolio on your Dashboard using a VUNetID. Please use the PDF instructions provided by the Office of Faculty Affairs to assist you in this process.
Can I upload my CV to the Educator Portfolio?
You can not upload your CV to the Educator Portfolio in place of providing teaching documentation. The Educator Portfolio is a mechanism to display your educational accomplishments during the appointments and promotions process. This is supplemental to the CV.
How much should information should I place in the Educator Portfolio?
You should include as much information as needed to sufficiently display your educational accomplishments during your academic career.
How do I know where to put my information in the Educator Portfolio?

The Educator Portfolio provides directions using the mouse over/hover features. These directions will help guide you in inputting your educational data in the application.

If you have concerns over where to input a presentation, please use the audience of your presentation or lecture as your guide. Your audience make-up will help you identify whether your presentation/lecture was a Vanderbilt University specific function or an external function.