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7th floor of Medical Center East

MCE call room: One of two resident call rooms. While this call room is a bit on the cozier side, it is on the Surgical Stepdown Floor, which is a short walk to the SICU and close to the main elevators which take you right to the ER. Prime spot for residents to catch a couple hours of rest on a busy night of Face call.

Resident Room: One of our two resident rooms. This room serves as the main resident work room during the day for residents. There is a connecting room which has a bed and the private bathroom which also has shower facilities.

Voice Center: Our main hallway leading up to the Laryngology clinics. On the walls you can see records and pictures donated by many musicians and other public figures throughout the years, a function of our Laryngology group being located in Music City, home to many names in Country music in particular.

Areas across the medical center

8th Floor Bridge: One of the newly-minted skybridges connecting the new inpatient floors in Medical Center East with the Main Vanderbilt University Hospital.

Adult OR: The Vanderbilt Main OR houses 39 operating rooms. Generally Head & Neck operatives out of the newly customized rooms 30-32. Mood lighting!

Anechoic chamber: Part of our audiology research facilities on the 10th floor of Medical Center East.

Conference Room: Our resident teaching conference room. On Wednesdays we have Basic Science Conference where faculty will give lectures. On Fridays we have Resident Teaching Conference which is a resident given lectures (typically a senior resident and junior resident are paired together).

Peds Cafeteria: Our Pediatrics Cafeteria includes a wide range of options including Subway, Suzy’s (coffee), Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Pizza Hut/Taco Bell, and Vandy Cafe.

Peds OR: Entryway to the Pediatrics Operating Rooms. We have 16 ORs and 4 procedure rooms. On any given day, 3 ORs are typically running ENT.

Peds Rooftop/Helipad: View of Vanderbilt campus from the top of Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital. Adjacent to the Vanderbilt University Medical Center is the undergraduate campus. Downtown Nashville is about 10 minutes North.

SICU: The Head & Neck and General (Consults) services start rounds on this floor. SICU is where our free flap patients will go for POD0-POD4 for flap checks by nursing staff.

Temporal Bone Lab: Temporal Bone Lab set up with stations for microscopic work. There are several stations which can also be converted to an endoscopic set up. The Otology Group of Vanderbilt hosts both a temporal bone course and endoscopic ear course in which the residents are welcome to participate. Otherwise, residents are allotted temporal bones to practice on throughout the year.

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