Flow Cytometry Core

Scientific Director: James Crowe, Jr, M.D.
Managing Director: David Flaherty

Core Aims:

  • Provide access to state-of-the art equipment for analysis of cell phenotype and properties
  • Provide access to state-of-the art equipment for sorting cells or sub-cellular elements
  • Furnish professional guidance in experimental design and data interpretation
  • Assist users in sample preparation of cells, sub-cellular preparations, and secreted factors for optimal analysis
  • Trains users, on a continuing basis, in development of protocols and basic and advanced use of the flow cytometry equipment and software
  • Assist users with grant and publication material, data analysis, and figure preparation
  • Provide digestive disease specific training, troubleshooting, support and optimization to VDDRC members via the Flow Cytometry Core

Core Services:

• Training, acquisition and analysis on our state-of-the-art cytometers for experiments that include up to 17 different fluorochromes simultaneously

• High-speed sorting with up to 15 different fluorochromes simultaneously with the ability to sort and or clone into any plate or dish

• Mass Cytometry with the potential to measure 30-100 antigens simultaneously

•Three levels of biocontainment to address the needs of every DDRC member

• Imaging Cytometry

• Expert consultation and troubleshooting and experimental design guidance

For additional information on the Vanderbilt Flow Cytometry and Immunology Shared resource please visit www.vmcflow.com