Biostatistics Component

Director: Tatsuki Koyama, Ph.D.
The purpose of the Biostatistics Component of the Administrative Core is to provide professional expertise in biostatistics for all DDRC projects, investigators, and participants. Functions provided by this component include development of experimental designs, power analysis, and sample size computation; data acquisition and database development; statistical analysis and interpretation of findings; collaboration on presentation of results; education in biostatistical methods; and development of tools with application to clinical trials and laboratory research.

To achieve these functions, the Biostatistics Component director and component biostatisticians are constantly available to investigators and are in regular contact with the leaders of DDRC research programs and other shared resources.
Core Services:

  • Provide study design, power analysis, and sample size determination, as well as to review laboratory, animal, clinical, and prevention studies, including a feasibility assessment
  • Collaborate in funded research efforts initiated by DDRC investigators, providing statistical data analysis, interpretation of results, and the writing of final study reports and manuscripts
  • Develop and evaluate statistical methods and software for experimental design and data analysis
  • Provide relational database design, data entry, data tracking, forms, queries, and reports, and to maintain computer databases for information storage and retrieval for investigator-initiated clinical trials or laboratory studies
  • Train DDRC members in research design and data analysis through seminars, short statistical workshops, or individual sessions on statistical methods
  • Provide statistical review on DDRC pilot project applications