Enrichment Training Program

Vanderbilt DDRC Enrichment Training (Mini Sabbatical) Program

VDDRC Members are encouraged to apply for 1-2 week leaves to work in another laboratory for either the acquisition of new techniques or to establish a new model related to digestive disease research.

Guidelines for Management of the Program:

To permit the acquisition of new technologies or models for the study of digestive disease, the VDDRC has implemented a Mini Sabbatical Program within the Enrichment Program. Center members are able to request funds for travel and accommodations to go to another laboratory for up to four weeks.  It is also possible to request a “reverse sabbatical” in order for an outside investigator to come to Vanderbilt to work with a member of the VDDRC to establish new techniques or models in the member’s laboratory.  There is no specific deadline for application for these Mini Sabbaticals; however they must be completed within a given budget year for accounting purposes.   

Program Request

The VDDRC Member submits a one-page request for Enrichment Training Mini Sabbatical. The Members department head or administrative supervisor must sign the request. Click to fill out an application. Save the form to your computer, print it, have your supervisor sign it and email the application to Nikki Hirsch. Members are encouraged to discuss their idea for a Mini Sabbatical with Dr. Richard Peek prior to completing an application.

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