Academy of Investigators Program

An Academy of Investigators workshop series was initiated in 2012 as part of the Vanderbilt DDRC enrichment program and is currently co-directed by Drs. Alyssa Hasty and Lori Coburn. The goal of the series is to expand trainee's knowledge base and comfort level in dealing with the "non-science" aspects of a career in academic medicine. The group generally meets on the third Tuesday of every month during the academic year in a lunch-meeting format with invited guest speakers to discuss topics such as: networking, managing lab finances, using the interview process to select the right people for your lab, dealing with different personalities in the lab, getting manuscripts written in a timely manner, CV preparation, etc.

This program is required for all N type Investigators. It is also recommended for basic and clinical scientists. If you have any questions regarding our program contact Alyssa Hasty at or Lori Coburn at