DDRC Membership

Membership in the VDDRC is open to all qualified faculty at Vanderbilt.

Full Members:

Full VDDRC members must attain the rank of Assistant Professor or above and must conduct peer-reviewed, independent, and funded digestive disease related basic, translational, or clinical research or be a project leader for a program project grant (PPG). They must make a significant, ongoing contribution to VDDRC programs through participation in the research programs of the VDDRC, collaborative research, digestive disease biomedical education, and/or patient-care activities.

Associate Members:

Associate members are faculty who show promise for eventual transition to independent investigators, who conduct digestive disease related research, and who make a contribution to VDDRC and other digestive disease related programs through a demonstrated interest and/or participation in research, education, and/or patient care activities. This level of membership is also available to provide technical skills and services to the members and/or serve as a resource for the clinical component of the VDDRC, in line with the guidelines for Silvio O. Conte DDRCCs.

Academy of Investigators:

Academy of Investigators members are Associate members who participate in a career development workshop series initiated tin 2012 as part of the Vanderbilt DDRC enrichment program. The goal of the series is to expand the member's knowledge base and comfort level in dealing with the "non-science" aspects of a career in academic medicine. The group meets on the third Tuesday of every month during the academic year in a lunch-meeting format with invited speakers. The program is recommended for basic and clinical scientists.