The second edition of Dr. René Gifford's book on cochlear implant patient assessment will be available this Fall!

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Pediatric RCT

Dr. René Gifford wins grant to pursue personalized cochlear implant programming for pediatric patients

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Calling all cochlear implant audiologists!

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Dr. René Gifford wins Vanderbilt's Chancellor's Award for Research

Five Vanderbilt professors won a Chancellor’s Award for Research, which recognizes excellence in works published or presented in the last three calendar years.


"René Gifford, professor of hearing and speech sciences, for innovative research on the design of cochlear implants that demonstrated that implant recipients with low-frequency hearing preservation have access to inter-aural time difference cues. Gifford’s work has been recognized by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, and she was featured on the first episode of NPR’s Breakthrough: Portraits of Women in Science" - Research News @ Vanderbilt

Science Friday with Dr. René Gifford!

Cochlear Implant Researchers Share Insights in Ireland