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There are many opportunities for research participation in any of our ongoing studies. Please select the links below for more information on our current research projects.

Image-guided Cochlear Implant Programming

The major goal of this project is to assess the clinical utility of an image-guidance system for Cochlear Implant (CI) programming assistance that we are currently developing. For each CI recipient who participates in this research study, state-of-the-art image processing methods are employed to detect, using pre- and post-implantation CT, the position of the CI relative to the neural stimulation region and to analyze electrode stimulation patterns. Using the important information these spatial analysis techniques provide, we reprogram the CI recipient’s processor. Programming parameters include which electrodes are active, determining the relative power of each electrode, and determining an electrode frequency allocation table. Improved hearing performance for research participants will demonstrate that image-guidance can lead to more effective CI programming and better hearing restoration. 

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