For the CHTN specific policies and procedures, please see the items below. You can also request specific CHTN Western Standard of Procedures (SOPs) by submitting the online form.

Please check out and abide by the CHTN shipping policy.

All active CHTN investigators with open/active requests for the procurement of biospecimens are responsible for all biospecimens procured for them until the request is either inactivated or placed on hold by the investigator. Because the CHTN is a prospective procurement program, resources are allocated for the collection of biospecimens requested by investigators. Therefore, the CHTN expects investigators to accept the biospecimens collected on their behalf. Failure to accept procured samples may result in penalties to the principal investigator or his/her institution, including but not limited to, loss of access to future services from the CHTN.

The institutions and Principal Investigators comprising the CHTN make every effort to ensure that there is an equitable distribution of tissue into and by the CHTN. Investigators requesting tissue samples can help the CHTN fulfill our mission by requesting as small a sample as possible.

Access to specimens varies according to the surgical schedules and autopsy rates and is thus, not predictable. Therefore, investigators requesting fresh specimens should make every effort to use these specimens when they are made available. Investigators will be charged a processing fee for refusing samples collected according to their protocol.