Sarah Siddiqi, MBBS,CCRP

Clinical Research Coordinator

Sarah joined  Dr.Taylor’s  Lab at  Center of Cognitive Medicine in March 2020 as a Clinical/Translational Research Coordinator.

She has extensive  experience in clinical research  coordination and had pleasure working in various health care institutions  in United States and Canada .Prior to joining VUMC ,she  worked in medical imaging and Krembil Neurosciences department at University Health Network, Toronto, where she coordinated and orchestrated  research studies  focusing neuroimaging  of traumatic brain Injuries  along  with interviews and neuropsych assessments.

 At Dr.Taylor’s lab she facilitates and coordinates daily clinical trial activities and enjoys working with research study participants. She is passionate for her contribution towards the changing outlook of depression treatment .

Sarah holds  Medical degree from Punjab, Pakistan and hopes to further advance her scientific  knowledge in the area of Cognitive Medicine and behavioral sciences.