Join the Computerized Memory Enhancing Treatment in MCI, COMET study

Are you or someone you know having memory issues or have diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment?

We are inviting individuals with memory problems to complete computerized intervention that may improve memory and thinking skills.

Study Purpose:

Studies have suggested that the use of brain training or cognitive remediation maybe helpful in adults who are at risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. Adults who have memory issues or Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) have been suggested as the best time to intervene to prevent the onset of more serious cognitive decline.

The purpose of the study is to test how well adults with memory problems are able to complete a computerized program designed to improve certain types of "thinking" skills that are important for daily life functioning.  This intervention has been shown to improve both cognitive skills and mood in older adults with depression, and our hope is that it will have similar positive effects in those with older adults with memory issues or MCI. 


  • Be Over 55 years old

  • Have a diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment or are experiencing memory loss that is noticed by you and/or your family and friendsCOMET image 1

  • Have a reliable caregiver or study partner

You will be asked to:

  • Come to the Center for Cognitive Medicine to complete test of attention, learning and memory.
  • Complete brain training exercises on a computer or a tablet for six weeks.
  • Participate in EEG test (a non-invasive test of electrical brain waves). 


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • We are following all appropriate public health guidelines during the COVID19 Pandemic. We are going to be pre-screening people by phone. Once we have all your information, it will be provided to the study doctor to review.  We will then reach out to you via email or phone and discuss with you further screening activities including video conference and in person study visits.  For more information about our safety guidelines, pleaseclick here.


  • By participating in this study, you can have the opportunity to help advance cognitive training for those suffering from Mild Cognitive Impairment. You will have access to a study team that will guide and support you through the cognitive training so that you can exercise those parts of your brain that support memory function.  

  • This computer-based remediation program is a set of different tasks designed to help specifically with areas of functioning that relate to memory. You will be asked to complete a variety of different “games” for a total of 45 hours over a 6-week (+/- 1 week) period. We will provide you with a tablet equipped with everything you need to complete this.  

  • Mild Cognitive Impairment, MCI, is a stage between expected memory impairment due to age and more serious cognitive issues like dementia. Individuals with MCI may describe their memory as “getting away from them, slipping,” or related terms. It is important to note that these cognitive changes are not yet interfering with one’s daily routine and life.